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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bridal Shower, Visa Approved and Lingerie Party!

Those last 30 days were so busy, so intense, so special, I can not even describe. But I will try :)

First my Bridal Shower, I did at the church building, we made yellow and white decorations, my mom made a delicious cake, we had some food and drinks, and some really fun activities, one of them, they put something on my eyes so I couldn't see, and I had to guess the presents that people gave me, every time I got one wrong they would paint my face and do something funny about my hair, it was really fun, even though I was looking horrible in the end of it hahaha.

Few days later I was going on a trip to Rio de Janeiro to have my fiancee visa interview, I was so nervous, I was really afraid something could go wrong, I got in Rio at midnight of the 15th, I took a cab to the Hostel where I was going to stay for the next two days, I tried to sleep that night but it was impossible, I had so many thoughts in my head, my heart was beating so fast, sleep was the last option, 5 am I was ready to take my cab to the American Embassy, my cab was late so I got there at 6 am, I was the second one on the line, at 7 am the Embassy opened and started looking at our documentation, they checked twice our documentation and after they called us for an interview, at the interview she asked how I met Scott, how many times he has visited me in Brazil and how many times I have visited Scott in USA, after my answer she said she didn't have more questions ad that my visa has been approved, kind of hard to believe at the moment, believe that process had finally got to an end, I was so happy, I just want to scream and take all the bad moments of this process out of me, finally a happy ending.
At the Embassy I met this woman "Rose", she was having her fiancee visa interview too, she was with her son, a really cute and smart boy, we spent the day together walking on the streets of Rio de Janeiro and sharing our plans for the future, it was great meeting her and her son.
I left Rio on the following morning, I couldn't wait to come back home and celebrate this moment.

My busy weekend was still on his way, I had to plan my Lingerie Party for the weekend, I had so much to celebrate, and to do, we made at my neighbors house, we put some red and white decorations, with heart ballons, we had food, drinks and another amazing cake made by my mother, I had my amazing girlfriends over and we had a lot of fun, of course I can't give details but it was a lot of fun.

Those are moments are going to stay on my mind and heart forever!

Now, I am 17 days to be with Scott again, I can't wait, this weekend I am booking my flights, I am going straight to California, it would cost too much to fly to NY first, so we stayed with the cheapest option. Some invitations has been already sent and there is a "Wedding Event" on Facebook, I would love to see you there.

I love you all,

Juliana Pereira

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