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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bridal Shower, Visa Approved and Lingerie Party!

Those last 30 days were so busy, so intense, so special, I can not even describe. But I will try :)

First my Bridal Shower, I did at the church building, we made yellow and white decorations, my mom made a delicious cake, we had some food and drinks, and some really fun activities, one of them, they put something on my eyes so I couldn't see, and I had to guess the presents that people gave me, every time I got one wrong they would paint my face and do something funny about my hair, it was really fun, even though I was looking horrible in the end of it hahaha.

Few days later I was going on a trip to Rio de Janeiro to have my fiancee visa interview, I was so nervous, I was really afraid something could go wrong, I got in Rio at midnight of the 15th, I took a cab to the Hostel where I was going to stay for the next two days, I tried to sleep that night but it was impossible, I had so many thoughts in my head, my heart was beating so fast, sleep was the last option, 5 am I was ready to take my cab to the American Embassy, my cab was late so I got there at 6 am, I was the second one on the line, at 7 am the Embassy opened and started looking at our documentation, they checked twice our documentation and after they called us for an interview, at the interview she asked how I met Scott, how many times he has visited me in Brazil and how many times I have visited Scott in USA, after my answer she said she didn't have more questions ad that my visa has been approved, kind of hard to believe at the moment, believe that process had finally got to an end, I was so happy, I just want to scream and take all the bad moments of this process out of me, finally a happy ending.
At the Embassy I met this woman "Rose", she was having her fiancee visa interview too, she was with her son, a really cute and smart boy, we spent the day together walking on the streets of Rio de Janeiro and sharing our plans for the future, it was great meeting her and her son.
I left Rio on the following morning, I couldn't wait to come back home and celebrate this moment.

My busy weekend was still on his way, I had to plan my Lingerie Party for the weekend, I had so much to celebrate, and to do, we made at my neighbors house, we put some red and white decorations, with heart ballons, we had food, drinks and another amazing cake made by my mother, I had my amazing girlfriends over and we had a lot of fun, of course I can't give details but it was a lot of fun.

Those are moments are going to stay on my mind and heart forever!

Now, I am 17 days to be with Scott again, I can't wait, this weekend I am booking my flights, I am going straight to California, it would cost too much to fly to NY first, so we stayed with the cheapest option. Some invitations has been already sent and there is a "Wedding Event" on Facebook, I would love to see you there.

I love you all,

Juliana Pereira

Monday, January 24, 2011

Planning my Bridal Shower and Lingerie Party! Yayyyyy!!!!

I can't believe we are less than 60 days from the wedding, there is so many things on my mind right now, like all u know my family or friends are not coming to my wedding reception, so I have decided to do a Bridal Shower on February 12nd and Lingerie Party at February 19th, to gather all the women in my life, it has been excited to plan those parties, last week I ordered the little gifts I am giving to my party guests :)

I also ordered with the same person my cake topper, I can't wait to see it and show to everybody :), its going to be really cute and awesome!

About the wedding invitations, we have a friend doing it to us, and we must be sending to people by the first or second week of February, Scott is encharge of sending it to people.

I am flying to NYC by March 9th, leaving NY to California by March 12nd, the Temple and Wedding Reception on March 19th, probably staying for the Honeymoon in Santa Monica Beach during March 19th to March 25, and then driving back to Washington.

Might be a chance we will live some place around Bothell WA, if we do stay in this area I wanna live in Kirland, Scott is doing good at his job as a salesman, so he is thinking about giving this job a chance, but its not a decision yet, as soon as we decide I will write here so everybody know.

My visa interview is on February 15th, so give your prayers for us!

Scott and I are really excited about seeing each other again and the wedding, we hope see all of u there.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

*January, 01st 2011, The First Day of The Best Year of My Life*

Today is the first day of the year of 2011 and I have great news, the best of them is that we finally got the Petition Approval for the fiancĂ©e visa, and our process has already been mailed to Brazil, which means soon we will know the interview date. I feel really excited about it, now we are on the way of getting things done, I have already started getting the forms done for the visa interview, I have also to do some exams and take some shots, take passport pictures and pay the expensive Citibank fee (is the visa fee), I will have to go to Rio de Janeiro for this interview.
Since we are planning the wedding day for March 19th, I hope have this interview by February, so everybody, please pray for us that it will happen :).

Scott has got two jobs as a salesman, just for the time he still in Bothell, he didn't like his old job, he was working so much, and he didn't have any recognition, so I am happy now he is doing something he likes to do, he is my hero, he makes me feel safe.
I am also working, working a lot actually, its hard to find time to get the things ready for the wedding and the visa process, I wish I could stop working :), that's why I will support Scott until he becomes a millionaire, so I can stop working and spend all his money on shopping and beauty salon (dreammmm:).

I am not creative, not good with planning weddings at all, so Scott and I had decided he is going to plan all the wedding reception and I will help just with details, what I know from now is that: wedding color: something like salmon (kind of orange), invitations will be delivered by the middle of February, the wedding will be in Redlands CA, that's all for now.

Honeymoon: not decided, we don't know if will have money for that.

My mom is not coming anymore, we thought we would have money to bring her, but we won't, so she will come visit me in another opportunity, I do have two good friends coming over, they just got their tourist visa and they seem pretty excited about it, they are a couple and the girl is like one of my best friend, I am glad to have them coming with me.

It is kind of scary that we are so close to the wedding day, with all the problems and deceptions we have been having in the past few months, I kind of forgot "I am getting married", "I am leaving my country for good", "I am leaving my comfort zone, my family, to try something totally challenging", I am freaking out, in the past 5 days or something, I have felt like if I can't do it, I have been chatting with girls on the same situation I am, to try prove to me that everything will be ok, weird? crazy? I don't know, I hope this feeling can go away. I love Scott and he is the man of my life.

Yesterday was beautiful, midnight of New Years Eve is just so special to me, all the fireworks, all the people hugging each other and wishing a better and happier year, all the people making wishes to God, wishes of a better year, kind of makes me sad next year I might not have the same experience, the experience that I most treasure in my country's tradition during my whole life, I wish Scott was here last night, the one thing I always wanted to do at midnight here in Brazil, I never did, was the midnight kiss at New Years Eve, the kiss of pure love, maybe next year? 
I am happy, excited for a better year, excited about what this year brings to me.

Today is the first day of the year of 2011, I wish you all a better year, full of good surprises, full of love, family, happiness, thank you for all your friendship, love and support during this year that has just passed.
I wanna say a special thank you for some people that totally rocked my world during this year of 2010, and I will relate to really special moments:
Scott Winkler: What can I say from you, you are my everything, I can't say how much I am happy for being your fiancee, can we forget that 2010 made you propose to me? It was raining, you put a tie in my eyes, and started speaking some really bad Portuguese :) and in feel seconds I was the happiest girl in the whole world!
Viviane Camargo: Yeah, her! My crazy blond friend, I will never forget our tip to San Francisco and LA, at the moment we got to the airport in LA, she was already seem PopStars (believe me, she wasn't :), but let her believe that, I am a good friend! Viviane was my right arm in USA, my companion for the good and bad moments, BFF!!! I will never forget our moments watching FRIENDS, or the times at ROSS. She is just amazing.
Quincy: My little TINSO, every morning I would make a big deal when getting in his room, he would open his arms and give me the best smile ever, the thing about him is that it was amazing everyday, I made a video one day before coming back to Brazil, of him saying "Eu Te Amo Juju".
Lincoln: One night in January I put him to bed, and I asked him for a hug  and before leaving the room he said out of nowhere "I will miss you", I will never forget that, forget his beautiful face saying that to me, I miss him a lot.
Scott's Grandpa and Gradma: I met them in March, they just opened their heart to me at the moment they saw me, I felt so much love from they, I had a unforgettable week with them.
Scott Bunker: A really good friend, that has the power to make everything better by just talking to me, all the moments talking to him were great.
My family: Seeing them again after 1 year, felt amazing.
Clarisse and Emanuel: When I got here they got married in few days and they made a special recognition at the wedding reception for me, I kind of got them together, I love you guys! They are coming with me to my wedding now :).
Igor e Paulinha (Paulinha Bubbles): Just got married, I was one of their bridesmades, they are good friends to me.
I have a lot of other people to thank, Sterling and Julie Crockett (all their family), John Okleberry, Sarah Westfall, Barbie Mulberg, Leilani Hereme, Scott's family from Vancouver and California, all the people from the Church in USA and Brazil, my friends and family in general. Thank you all for the good moments.

Happy New Year!

love, Juliana

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Beautiful Nightmare!

I was wondering how to name this time without Scott, and I got to the conclusion we are living a Beautiful Nightmare, Beautiful because we are going through a process that will give us the right to be together forever, Nightmare because there is nothing worse than miss your beloved one.

Scott and I had received a RFE - Request for Evidence from the American Embassy, Scott forgot to answer a section on one of the forms, so they sent us back requesting us to fill it out, he has already done that and he sent this back to them yesterday, so it must take about 3 to 4 weeks to be approved (this is what a friend told me), so I am hopping they will approve and finally get me to do the visa interview, if everything works like that, our wedding will be closer than ever.

Talking about the wedding, I didn't do the things I said I would do in the last post (shame), so I will start doing it this week, I am worried about the invitations, I have to do them soon so I can send to Scott as soon as I get the visa, so he can have time to send to people, let's not forget is about 20 days to get to Scott from me, and more 5-8 days to Scott send to people.
We have decide on what to serve in the wedding, so no worries about that anymore.

I am kind of worried on how much money I have to spend because the visa process, I have to go to Rio de Janeiro for about 3 days, so I have to pay for hotel and transportation, I have to do some exams in a Hospital  chosen by the Embassy, I have to pay for that too, the Visa fee, Fedex to send me the visa if approved, ticket to USA, plus everything I want to buy here for the wedding, OMGoshhhhh!!! So much money!

We haven't been having good times lately, it is just so hard to feel love being so far from each other, Scott lost his job, and the problem with the form, that delayed the process, I have been working so much and having so little time to rest, sleep, too much.

Before I go, I just want to share with you the big decision we have made, Scott received an oportunity to work for a good company, the oportunity is to start working at the end of March, Scott and I talked and decided accept the oportunity, the point is, the job is in Tri-Cities- WA, like you know we were going to live in California, so we made some research and we decided it was a good oportunity to us. So from now on, we are going to get married in California, and live in Tri-Cities.

So now, we have got more waiting to do :)

Thank you for all your support!


Juliana Pereira

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

All About Feelings

Almost 8 months have passed since the last time I saw Scott in person, I can see clearly how I have changed emotionally, I have been more stressed, I cry because everything, all mornings I feel like my heart is going to pop out of my body, I just miss Scott so much, almost feels like my body recognize each following day. Sometimes I feel like I need a professional to help deal with my emotions, I wonder if this is normal.

I am now trying to understand how much money I need to do the decoration in my wedding, since Scott isn't in California, it's hard to find a place that would do that for cheap, I have tried some websites about it and I can't find anything cheap, I am actually going to do the decoration bymyself, and I am looking for a place to rent white chair covers and white table covers, but I can't find anything affordable, does anyone willing to help me with that? pleaseeee!!!!
Next month I am going to buy the fabric to do the "overlays", I will buy that over here and bring them with me to USA.
I got some help with the wedding invitations, a couple good friends of mine, they are going to give me the invitations (the inside part) and I am going to make the outside part (like the envelope), they are going to help me do the invitations so I can send to Scott, since the outside part takes so many time to make I will start making them by next month, and when we get the visa I will mail to Scott all the invitations so he can send to all the guests. Just to let you know, the invitations are BEAUTIFUL! Thanks to Igor and Paulinha :)
I still have no idea what I am going to do for food at the reception, so please, help me with ideas.
So, I am gonna work on those things in the next 30 or 40 days.

Next month I will be a bridesmaid, my friend Ana Paula Pereira (Paulinha Bubbles) is getting married to my also friend Igor Quiroz, its going to be a great event, they are so cool, they totally deserve be happy for all the eternity, I like to talk to her and see how excited she is about everything, she designed her own wedding dress, isn't that cool? she is awesome. This weekend we are having a "lingerie party" for her, its going to be so fun, I can't wait.

That's all for now, I will be back soon with news, maybe I will be back with the best new I could write here, that we finally got the petition for the fiancee visa approved, pray for us.


Juliana Pereira

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wedding Date Delayed!

Like a lot of people know, we were suppose to get married by January 22nd 2011, but a lot of you also know we depend on the visa process, and since we have no news about the visa process, Scott and I have decided change the date to March 12nd 2011, so we can save more money and have more time to plan everything, let's hope we do get the visa by that time.

And the Countdown at this time Counted"up": 80 days do 130days.

We are signing with the Photographer for the wedding this week, we already contacted him with the wedding date change, so he can change the contract and we can finally sigh.

With 5 more months here, and I decided look for a job, and I got one faster than I thought, I am now a bilingual receptionist at a company pretty close to my house, work Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm, and good money (the best part of course).

No news about the visa process, seems like stopped and it isn't going anywhere, it kinda of makes me really mad that we can not do anything, SO we keep waiting.

Another month has gone, I'm still all alone
How could this be? You're not here with me
You never said good-bye, someone tell me why
Did you have to go, and leave my world so cold?

- Michael Jackson